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Kirsten Shumway

New Lawyer Training Program Director and Licensed Paralegal Practitioner Program Administrator

Kirsten is a native of Utah who enjoys reading, museums, and art. Though she has lived in a few other places including twice abroad, she has found that she does not mind the always unpredictable but dry Utah weather. She graduated with a J.D. from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School and is a member of the LGBT & Allied Lawyers association with the Utah State Bar. Kirsten completed her undergraduate degree in Humanities at Brigham Young University which was the impetus for her great love of art.

Kirsten prefers to work in background and administrative roles shoring up pesky details. She previously worked as the Admissions Administrator at the Utah State Bar and helped administer the Bar Exam. She also worked briefly with the Bar's Access to Justice program which and facilitates pro bono opportunities for attorneys to help low-income Utahns explore ways to remove legal barriers and to create more equity and fairness within the legal system.