The NLTP is mandatory for all new lawyers in Utah who haveĀ less than two years of practice experience in any jurisdiction. The Rule may be found at UCJA Rule 14-808 New lawyer training program. The mentors participating in the NLTP have all been approved by the Bar's Committee on New Lawyer Training. Any lawyer who meets the minimum requirement can apply to be a mentor. Prospective mentors are required to submit three references who are familiar with the applicant's work as a lawyer and their reputation for professionalism and civility. In this way, the NLTP Committee is able to ensure that new lawyers in Utah receive guidance from the best mentors Utah has to offer.

The program requires new lawyers and their mentors to create a mentoring plan (see link below) with specific tasks that the new lawyer will complete over the course of the 12-month mentoring term. The mentoring plan provides a new lawyer with more clarity about the day-to-day activities that lawyers perform because the new lawyers are required to complete the work themselves. This gives new lawyers the perspective and insight that can only be gained by hands-on experience. The new lawyer must complete activities in six required areas and five elective areas which allows the plan to be customized to best meet the new lawyer's needs during their transition into life as a practicing lawyer. The new lawyer must meet with their mentor regularly (10 times) throughout the mentoring term to ensure that the new lawyer is making progress towards completion of their plan.

Click the button below to view the model mentoring plan and find links to helpful NLTP resources.

Interactive Model Mentoring Plan