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  • General

    Mentoring Plan
    Initial Meeting Guide
    July 2021 Timeline
    January 2021 Term Timeline

    Timeline for January 2021 NLTP Term

    NLTP Policies & Procedures 2021

    2021 NLTP Policies and Procedures

    January 2022 Timeline
    2022 Trust Accounting & Law Practice Management Seminar
  • For New Lawyers

    New Lawyer Manual

    Add Description

  • For Mentors

    Mentor Manual
    Guide to Purposeful Mentoring
  • Mentoring Guides

    Required Section 6 Implicit Bias Mentoring Guide
    Required Section 2 Mentoring Guide
    Interactive Model Mentoring Plan
    Required Section 5: Client Confidentiality
    Required Section 1 Mentoring Guide
    Required Section 5: General Client Confidentiality
    Confidentiality and Potential Clients
    Conflicts of Interest- General Mentoring Tips
    Introduction to the Mentor's Office
  • Sample Electives

    Corporate Governance
    Merger and Acquisitions
    Municipal Law
    Oil Gas & Mining
    Personal Injury
    Prosecution Model Plan
    Securities Law